Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Writers Moment : Plan to KIDNAP Hyun Bin

So Hyun Bin is Indonesia this Week..
and we're writers here are so happy that this  moment really has come true..
Since there were rumors of his coming-not coming since weeks ago..
and So we talk about possibility to KIDNAP HYUN BIN because this namja is simply irresistible..

MoonLady : DID you see his dimple smile??? omg..oh my dear..i didnt know that navy costum can be so appealing...he looks so charming..and dashing..omo..look the way he walk..

Minholovers : yeahhh.. i know what you mean.. i bite my lips seeing him...he's dazzling.. I wonder if we can  get near him?? i'm so desperate ...

MoonLady : Why.. wanna get a skinship?...LOL...

Minholovers : Dont YOU??? its HYUN BIN.. omo..he's really here.. in our country..its not like this occasion happen every 10 year..

MoonLady : then..Lets Kidnap Hyun Bin, he's attending ceremony of Indonesia National Military Force Anniversary in  Cilangkap now..

Minholovers : But since he's a military ambassador now..he'll be guarded with army and their tactical weapons and everything..God Knows..(sigh)

MoonLady : The risk is WORTHY...just imagine the-"Kim Joo Won- secret garden" in your arms.. and he's giving you his "the one and only" dimple smile..is so irresistible ..plus..he has sexy figure..slrrpss...

Minholovers: omo...omo... lets kidnap him...lets do that..now..how are we gonna do that sizt???? i'm so excited.. malhaebwa..tell me your plan..(jumping in excitement)

MoonLady : first..to distract  guards.. we need to blend ourselve with the people invited in ceremony..do you have an idea what costume should we use??

Minholovers : hmmm....??

MoonLady : Should it be..something classy?..traditional gown like those military wives?? or sexy costume???..or some  warior style like Gil Ra Im's?? (confuse , its a difficult choice)

Minholovers : hey..I got it.. Lets wear SNSD costume..that shall do it

MoonLady : SNSD??..which one??..

Minholovers : The one they used in "Genie" super hits..when they're wearing army and navy outfit while dancing. the famous "G" dance..

MoonLady : WOW...that one??? good idea.. well,  since  its a military ceremony this will make us blend well there... and we're wearing white-navy outfit..and super short pants..yeah..we'll pass the military police guarding the event...such brilliant idea sizt....

Minholovers :  yeah..white navy outfit sounds better than green army outfit.. I'll dress up like Tiffany.. what next??

MoonLady :  hmm..i'll take SooYoung... next,  I'll be aiming his car, somehow with my "taichi" I'll get the driver off duty. While you pretend to be the military person in charge to our korean guest..

Minholovers : Then I will bring Hyun bin to the car with you in the driver seat..?.. sounds good.. But how about his team??  in case you forget, he's coming with his  team..look at the picture..shall we kidnap them too?

MoonLady : No need to bring them along.. just tell them Hyun Bin is scheduled to visit some place where fans have waited for him..just make some excuse... Then the three of us will drive in one car..to ..hmmm have any idea wher we're gonna take our precious namja??

Minholovers : some romantic tropical island...white sandy beach..

MoonLady: Hmm... That's perfect.. we'll dress him off for swimming just the three of us...have barbecue..can you imagine night by the sea having barbecue with his handsome and irresistible dimple smile?? ..oh God..its heaven..

Minholovers : i'm droooling... Gosh..just  the thought of it makes me fly...

MoonLady :  but..before we proceed to the night, you got a call from Lee Min ho, yur soulmate. He insists your loyalty to him.. so it was just me and Hyun Bin left  in the heaven..And we both will enjoy our nights with the sound of sea.. coconut drink with little umbrella on it... and I think I wont close my eyes when he kiss me, I wanna see his georgeous eyes so i know whats he feels when he does it..

Minholovers: yeah imagine his sexy lips kissing yours...hmmm WHAAAT????? Lee Min Ho?? that's not fair...afterall LeeMin Ho is so busy with PArk Min Young, having cup of coffee in Gangnam..so he cant possibly call me..

MoonLady : LOL.. are you still minoz.. or you're  binnies now?...

Minholovers : well i dont see a reason ..Why I  should choose.. if i can have them both in my imagination..

MoonLady : LOL...LOL..delusional ones , arent we?!?...LOL

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