Sunday, May 1, 2011

We Got Married : KhunToria Couple

I begin to fall for 2PM ever since they held their concert in Jakarta. Almost all their song s are "ear catching" and we just love their personalities..

and when i found out about Nichkhun joined in WGM-aired by SBS,  i just have to see these shows. Even if it means creating black hole in my wallet, since video streaming is such a costly activity..LOL

Well what else can i do, i dont have SBS channel on my home tv..hmm Nichkhun-ssi seeing you is worth every cents..
Coz I know now that you're a trully Thai-Prince, with your manner, caring, loving  and funny personality traits..

WGM – Khuntoria Couple Ep. 3 (English Subbed)

WGM – Khuntoria Couple Ep. 5 (English Subbed)

WGM – Khuntoria couple Ep. 12 (English Subbed)

its still continuing..

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