Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jang Geun Suk : J-Plus The Romance -Movie Diaries

Beberapa waktu lalu jang Geun Suk membuat Photobook Album " J-Plus The Romanca: Movie Diaries" , yg mengambil lokasi photoshooting di Budapest, Belgia dan London.

Berikut beberapa gambar dari screencap yg di upload fansnya di situs Weibo

"The Playing Side of Superstar", He enjoys his life ...he once have wish of becoming" office working-man"..thanks GOD you didnt become one.. It would be a great LOST to us fans...

"The Adventurer",,,He tries different roles for in every dramas

"The carefree spirit".... He walks himself to roads where no stars ever thought of..

"The Guy Next Door"...He has wish for his fans to treat him like brother from neighbour.. well we cant do that to you, we wont be able to ignore your existence around us..

"Fried Noodle Hair Style", He challanges himself with different style..even the extreme ones... >.< (i close my eyes)

"The Sexy Namja", still appears sexy although he refuses to have muscled-body ...

"Bathing time" ,....hmmm..i just wanna join you there Sukkie-ah...

"Mr Pillow"...he looks yummy with pillows..owh my imagination..
 and my favourite...
yeah..i wanna bike-riding with would be heaven...

caption by : Moonlady
cr: Weibo

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