Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Streaming Update : Week 2 August 2011

"The Best Daddy - Games" 2PM Show Episode 5

Hey there..we've just updated our streaming list with

2PM SHOW Episode 5 (part 1-7)  and We Got Married-Khuntoria Couple Episode 58 (part 1-3)

Click this link for STREAMING

i cant stop laughing viewing the beastly idol when they give their best in "best daddy games"..
and i giggles everytime i re-run their "Giant Hulahoop-Games" episode when they try to beat SS501-Kim Hyun Joong's who set 1 minute 43 seconds as existing records in KPOP World...

"The Eating super sour lemon-Games" , on episode 1.. check out who wins it..

"The longest time to hold it in face-Games" on Episode 5

"The Tricycle Race - Games" on Episode 5

And Khuntoria..hmmm they get closer and more intimate after their wedding episode..

Vic woke Khunnie up, and Khunnie put his head on Vic's lap, and then he hugged her, its on their WGM-Khuntoria episode 57

still on WGM-Khuntoria Episode 57, When Vic is cooking breakfast, Khunnie gave her a warm back-hug, that set netizen to jealousy....i feel iritated my self seeing this.. Do they have to go that far?....

Now, i think  the only thing left for the Khuntoria couple is for  them to become a real couple. I think i'm starting to  let you go  Khunnie dear...

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