Monday, April 11, 2011

LEE MIN HO.. can't get enaugh of you!!

Lee Min Ho is surely one of several handsome, tall, sexy, beautiful creatures walking  on earth

He HAS STYLe, Look, Talent & Fame.. all that qualities, no one cant resist....

These pictures should give you the full description.. or not?.. want some more?..hmm's never enaugh with Lee Min Ho....he's so irresistible  ...^^

Lee Min Ho..Airport Fashion Style.. He surely has STYLE !!

Lee Min Ho Airport Fashion Style... Casually COOL !!

Texting the  luckiest Girl in the World?...hmm..envy her!!\

Another Airport Fashion Style...wooow..

The Smile..light up the Night....

OH GOD...He even looks GOOD from Behind...!!!

By : MoonLady
cr : korea-en

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