Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hyun Bin Pictorial

Its so hard to spend the next 2 years without his cute dimple- face on TV..
We Miss You HYUN BIN...

Dimple...dimple.. wanna kiss... wanna kiss...


Charming Looks.. on Red Carpet..
Portraying character  in "Snow Queen"
Hyun Bin in "Snow Queen"

mmmhhh..Sexy lips..He's famous for his sexy lips..

Hyun Bin in the famous "Secret Garden  Training Outfit"

He sings "Secret Garden OST : Geu namja/That Man"..i love his voice here..

Hyun Bin on his ordinary street day...hmmmh ..cool as ever..!!!

@_@.. we miss you too much Hyun Bin...


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