Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Parodi "Hands Up"nya 2PM

Yeah..just like any other Hot Item, they get copied-imitated like..mention it.. Hermes bag, Kate spade boots..etc..etc..

When it comes to hot movie or drama scene or music video album , they just get its parody like crazy..

On my lunch break, I found "Hands Up"-2PM parody in my searching engine.. Check this out..

one comment mention that this vid is taken from KBS-Gag Show (i dunno..i dont live in korea)

I think it would be absolutely heaven if 2PM themseves wore those outfit on that stage.. dont you think???

Hm.. anyway..this video is just for fun-purpose..take it easy..although .. seeing those namja in such tight outfit make me lost my apetite..

i just cant eat my lunch now..

worse...i think i'll be having a Nightmare..


this is the original video album..

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